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Garden Clearance

Moved into a property? Or just want to reclaim the beauty of your outdoor space with our comprehensive garden clearance services. At Heywood Landscaping, we understand that an overgrown or neglected garden can feel overwhelming, but fear not, for our expert team is here to revitalise and rejuvenate your outdoor haven. Whether you require a complete garden overhaul or targeted clearing of specific areas, we are up to the task with skill and precision.

Overgrown Vegetation Removal

Tame unruly growth and reclaim lost spaces with our thorough removal of overgrown vegetation. Our team will meticulously clear out unwanted weeds, brambles, and invasive* plants, allowing your garden's natural beauty to shine through. *(Please note we do not deal with Japanese Knotweed).

Debris and Rubbish Clearance

From fallen branches to accumulated garden waste, we'll clean up the mess and remove all debris and rubbish, leaving your garden tidy and ready for a fresh start.

Soil Preparation

In preparation for future landscaping endeavors, we can provide soil preparation services, ensuring that your garden is ready to support healthy plant growth and flourishing flowerbeds.

Complete Garden Makeover

If your garden requires a complete transformation, our team can work with you to design and execute a new vision for your outdoor space. From concept to implementation, we'll create a garden that suits your preferences and lifestyle. Find out more here.

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